Steak & Whisky
American Tavern, Hermosa Beach, CA


Interior Photo of Steak & Whisky

(310) 318 5555

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Monday - Friday 4pm-10pm
Saturday 2pm-10pm
Sunday 2pm-9pm

Happy Hour
Monday - Friday 4pm-6pm
Saturday - Sunday 2pm-5pm

Steak & Whisky is a decidedly Californian take on the American Tavern.

Join us for nightly dinner or weekend brunch, a cozy night out with friends or simply a weeknight meal, Steak & Whisky brings exceptional ingredients and attention to detail to every dining experience.

Each cut of meat has been hand-selected from a single-source herd of cattle to give you the highest quality meat available. Smoked Pork Meatballs, S&W Dry Aged Burger, as well as a selection of quality steaks.

Enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail or one of our many by-the-glass wines, a selection from our chef-driven menu, and the cozy ambiance of our intimate dining room. Signature dishes include our Shrimp & Grits Skillet, Butter-Poached Whole Lobster, and our hand-selected steaks, including the Tomahawk, Filet Mignon, and Prime Porterhouse.

Located in Hermosa Beach, California, Steak & Whisky marks the fifth collaboration between partners Jed Sanford and Executive Chef-Owner Tin Vuong of Little Sister and Abigaile notoriety.